Thursday, June 26, 2008

the why's answered

This blog is being created because writing a book titled "How to Be the Happy Wife of a Human Husband" is a consistent threat of mine. And I keep being told to write a blog is a more realistic choice at the moment.

Since I am new at the whole blog thing, it will be a process....but marriage is a long, slow process that cycles so I imagine this will be, too.

My credentials...I've been married to Dave for 25 years, we have 4 kids that recently all grew up (graduated the last homeschooler in June 2008) but 3 are still living with us and I am not perfect. No one is--but often in our "pursuit of happiness" we forget to cut everybody some slack.

The foundation that I am building my life on is Jesus Christ and because truth doesn't change I have a solid rock to build on, but anyone can take my observations and compare them to your own. Truth applies to everyone, just like gravity.

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